Have you ever seen the magnificence of Michelangelo’s David? Have you ever turned your gaze to the Cathedral’s coloured façade? Have you ever felt the unique atmosphere of the Medici villas and their gardens in bloom?

That’s it, this is my job. I just communicate emotions! If you are looking for a more unique and local experience and want to discover a different side of Florence and Tuscany off the beaten paths, you may like my tours.

I’m not telling you to skip the main highlights of Florence and Tuscany, but to find the hidden gems of this incredible region of Italy.

Who wouldn’t want to discover about Dante? Who wouldn’t want to join the Dantesque Promenade to discover the roots of Italian politics?

Luckily for you, tours do not involve only our sight. As born and bred Italian I know that our culture is strictly associated to food.  How could you live a real Florentine or Tuscan experience without tasting our recipes or wines? Without visiting the Mercato Centrale (this is Florence main food market).

What certainly remains at the end of a travel experience? Neither dates nor concepts. Only emotions remain. Those emotions we felt when glazing at a painting, at ancient ruins or when tasting a glass of wine.

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